Privacy Notice


The Privacy Notice covers our interaction with candidates, clients, and training partners. Throughout this document Pennine Energy Group Ltd is referred to as ‘we’ or ‘us’ and the individuals with whom we interact are collectively described as ‘you’.

Under the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR rules, Pennine Energy Group Ltd (PEG) is the Controller of your Personal Data, where ‘personal data’ refers to the information held by us which identifies a person.


Data Collection:

We collect personal data provided to us in order to facilitate the recruitment process, finding an individual to fill a position, or a position to suit a candidate’s requirements. Data can be supplied by both clients and candidates. In relation to candidates, data can include name, address, telephone numbers, email address, and current employment details. We receive data in the form of CVS, and also maintain records of our interaction with candidates by ‘phone or by email. In relation to clients, we hold name, company name, contact details as above, job descriptions where we have been engaged to help with a search, and records of our communication including notes on ‘phone calls, and emails.


Sourcing of data:

Most of our data comes from direct contact with clients and candidates, or from word-of-mouth recommendations from our network of contacts. At times we may use information provided on a social media platform such as LinkedIn as a means of making initial contact with an individual, but will request direct contact details in order to continue the dialogue.


Use of personal data:

The data candidates and clients provide is used solely for recruitment purposes. We ask only for the data we need in order to pursue our business of sourcing candidates for vacancies, or finding suitable positions for candidates.


Sharing of data:

As a small company, we do not need to share your data across multiple departments and access to your data is restricted to the Director(s) of Pennine Energy Group Ltd. On occasion, CVs may be shared with colleagues in the Pennine Energy Group to allow for an informed discussion on a search and selection process. The individuals concerned are named on the group website, We share candidate data with third party companies, and client data with candidates as part of the recruitment process, with consent.


Legal Basis:

Our Legal Basis for use of your personal data is explicit consent.


Rights relating to your data:

You have the right to request copies of your data at any time, and to ask us to make changes, updates, or deletions.

You can at any time request restrictions on the use of your data, for example requesting that we do not share your data with named companies or individuals. This would only be necessary as a precautionary measure, as Pennine Energy never shares your data with any person or company without your explicit prior consent.


Storage of data:

We hold data in electronic form on company server and storage space, which is not held outside the EU. Hard copies of CVs may be held in files in our offices, while we may keep handwritten records of ‘phone conversations and face-to-face meetings, which may be transcribed into electronic form to be held on company computers as part of the recruitment process.


Retaining data

We will keep data only for as long as is necessary to facilitate a search unless we have permission to maintain personal data for future reference. If you agree to us holding your CV beyond the time taken to conclude a search, you have the right at any time to request that we delete your details. We will delete your data – including CV where applicable – if you request us to do so.

You are entitled to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office about the way we handle your data or you can contact us directly with any concerns.


Contact us

For the purposes of recruitment, search and selection processes, the contact is Dan Wilkinson. Email:


Our full contact details are:

Pennine Energy Group Ltd,

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Tel: +44 7545 011196